Samsung NEXT provides valuable tools and services to help startups and larger companies around the world achieve their next level. They focus on frontier tech and cutting edge software and services in AR, IoT, Blockchain, AI, VR, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Smart Cities and other technologies and industries that are transforming consumer experiences.
Samsung Developer Conference 2017 which brings together thousands of developers, technologists, business leaders, innovators, designers, and content creators to network and learn about the next wave of intelligent technology.
Based on the brand style guide and existing designs I adapted the look that works for a flyer and banner. The abstract geometric graphic is actually the “X” that was taken from the logo and enlarged. The filled and outlined shapes in different colors serve as a metaphor for the evermoving progress in technology.
“Kyre is great! He was able to turnaround awesome design in a short time frame and was very easy to work with! He is very talented!”
– Melanie Friedman
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