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Logos, Websites, Business Card, Flyer, and Book Cover for Jeannette de Beauvoir

Jeannette de Beauvoir is the founder of Wordware and Wordshops. She helps individuals and corporations achieve clear, effective, appropriate communication in person, in print, and online through thoughtful developmental editing, results-driven copywriting. She also teaches writing courses and workshops and has written quite a few books.

My primary task was to bring unity and consistency to Jeannette’s platforms starting from logos and brand identity guidelines and ending with websites and newsletters. is the “umbrella” site that serves as a gateway to three sites:,, The websites were designed using Weebly. One of the default themes was taken and tweaked with brand colors and typefaces.

On her author website Jeannette showcases her books, announces events, and connects with her readers through the blog. The logotype serves as a personal signature.

I’ve also helped design a cover for Jeannette’s Facebook page.

On Wordware Jeannette offers her business storytelling and marketing copywriting services to companies of different sizes. The symbol in the logo is a sheet of paper with scribbles that look like the letter W. The wordmark is set in a typeface that is reminiscent of the typewriter machine, but has a modern look to it. Both the symbol and the wordmark work together as they have the same stroke weight.

Wordshops is where Jeannette provides writing tips on the blog, offers online classes, and orginizes writing workshops. The logo is done in the same style as the Wordware logo, but features a symbol that is a hybrid of a speech bubble and a sheet of paper.

In the realm of print, I’ve helped with the design of a business card that mimicks the umbrella website and a flyer for one of Jeannette’s workshops.

Finally, I was lucky enough to read one of Jeannette’s latest books (which was awesome) and design a cover for it. Below is a photo from a local book shop.

“I am beyond grateful for the work that Kyre has done — and continues to do — for me. I hired him to do a simple banner, as I was beginning a re-org of my company; he did that, but much, much more, providing me with valuable advice, as well as creating new and exciting branding, three new websites, and ongoing assistance in producing my writing classes. He also took on the cover design for a new novel I’ve written (and I’ve already received myriad compliments on it). His work is both timely and brilliant. He’s the consummate professional, a blend of expertise and artistic vision that’s invaluable. I don’t know that I’d be enjoying my present success were it not for Kyre.” — Jeannette de Beauvoir