Kyre Song
Work About

Logo, Packaging, and Website for Oobroo

Oobroo is a wellness company which seeks no compromises at delivering 100% organic products.

The word “ideal” is the foundation of the products. The wordmark is made out of perfect circles which support the brand message.

The website was designed using Shopify. The Pipeline theme was taken and tweaked with brand colors and typefaces.

“Kyre is a total find. He helped me with design, packaging, web, strategics, and lots of moral support while we worked on planning the first product launch, Oobroo™ Ideal Turmeric, for my wellness company. He is now an integral member of our team although he is still available to freelance. He is creative, responsive, cool under pressure, very knowledgeable and I can honestly recommend him unequivocally. Anyone who gets to work with him is lucky. Message me if you need more info.” — Jennie Ann Freiman, MD